NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 6: my anxious life

That sense of dread, that

pull in the depths of

my stomach that

absorbs my days and steals my nights, that

smothers my thoughts with a heavy

blanket of angst. That

happy life that eludes me, that

love that never truly feels

real, only that dread that idles and

festers is solid and true.

what my anxiety doesn’t know

It doesn’t know boundaries.

It doesn’t understand when it’s appropriate

to flush my cheeks and inflame my chest.

It doesn’t know how to hold back

when my thoughts start spiralling

into a whirl of destructive what-ifs.

It doesn’t know it’s devouring me,

and all those around me,

with its catastrophic clauses.

It doesn’t know it’s not in charge

when it rages like a bull

in the china shop of my mind.

Even when the red rag starts fading,

it doesn’t know the exhausted angst

that still rampages my dreams.

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Ladies: write your worries down in a journal, says anxiety study

inktuition journalling

Journalling can help alleviate workplace worries for women. (pic:

If you’re a writer, you’re probably going to turn to pen and paper (preferably pristine new ones) when you’re going through a crisis (emotional, professional, romantic or otherwise). Who hasn’t trundled off to Paperchase or WHSmith in the search of some literary alleviation of stress, upset or trauma?

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