A poem about stress

A 21st century word

was just a syllable single

until I felt its surge,

setting my nerves a-jingle.

Then it wreaked its singular havoc

through my jittery, jellied knees.

My adrenaline ran wild, amok,

my sanity begged a muffled ‘please’.

No more will I see stress

as an excuse that’s ever so lame,

that steals away its guests;

that’s lazy in all but name.

It contorts and claims its vulnerable scalps.

Oh, stress has a will of its own.

But face-to-face I’ll expose its cruel traps.

Only with calm will I mute that old crone.

Ladies: write your worries down in a journal, says anxiety study

inktuition journalling

Journalling can help alleviate workplace worries for women. (pic: istockphoto.com/AlinaMD)

If you’re a writer, you’re probably going to turn to pen and paper (preferably pristine new ones) when you’re going through a crisis (emotional, professional, romantic or otherwise). Who hasn’t trundled off to Paperchase or WHSmith in the search of some literary alleviation of stress, upset or trauma?

Well, apparently the thing that all writers know – Continue reading