Ladies: write your worries down in a journal, says anxiety study

inktuition journalling

Journalling can help alleviate workplace worries for women. (pic:

If you’re a writer, you’re probably going to turn to pen and paper (preferably pristine new ones) when you’re going through a crisis (emotional, professional, romantic or otherwise). Who hasn’t trundled off to Paperchase or WHSmith in the search of some literary alleviation of stress, upset or trauma?

Well, apparently the thing that all writers know – that our pen and keyboards are there for us when everyone else has abandoned us, got bored with us, or hasn’t got a window in their schedules for us – is becoming apparent to researchers in the field of positive psychology.

Women get more anxious than men, especially when the stress ramps up and the tasks get harder, according to research from Michigan State University. So, to lessen the anxiety and feel more in control of the inner dialogues and thoughts that can cripple a woman’s performance and effectiveness, the researchers recommend journalling.

Jason Moser, lead investigator on the project, said: “Writing your worries down in a journal rather than letting them stick in your head” is an effective way for women to help master their anxiety – rather than let it master them.

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