A poem for my soul’s calling

Synchronicity’s a word I love

And a concept I adore.

I know I’m on the right path

when coincidences knock at my door.

My love of words and symbols

to heal and help renew

broken hearts and spirits crushed

is a calling of the few.

How to bring this to the world

my intuition now will drive.

But the power of storytelling

is what makes me feel alive.

A poem for my intuition

You rock up just when I need you

Unexpected, welcome, a surprise.

Force you to come

and you’ll hide and seek.

Unbidden, you’ll lift your disguise.

Synchronicity’s your friend

though I don’t always see her.

You tee up my clues

with your caddy of cleverness,

waiting for me to hit par.

You’re a coach to my inner knowing,

my always-there, everyday chum.

And with you on my brightest side

I’m guaranteed to hit a hole in one.


That song that’s stuck in your head? Tune into its true message

Tune into that intrusive music in your head to hear what it's got to say. (pic:istockphoto.com/SilverV)

Tune into that intrusive music in your head to hear what it’s got to say. (pic:istockphoto.com/SilverV)

Oh, it’s SO annoying. Your head can’t switch off the replays of the most popular song on the radio you heard before dropping the kids off at school, driving to work, or running an errand. The catchy tune and chorus stick in your head ALL DAY. You think you hate the song, but the melody bounces around in your brain and chatters into your ears like your new best mate.

But apparently the tune that bangs on your eardrums all day  – the so-called ‘earworm’ – is a song you actually know and like, according to psychologists from Western Washington University. Intrusive songs are most likely to turn up their volume when we’re relaxed and doing downtime activities like walking (or maybe the washing up) as well as when we’ve got a lot to do (like homework) and our minds are prone to wander. Annoying songs can creep in then, but are less likely to invade our ears when we’re focused on tough mental jobs and our minds are fully engaged. (If you’d really like to zap an annoying song from your inner playlist, here’s an article on how to get a song out of your head).

But how about a deeper viewpoint? What if the song that’s stuck is trying to communicate something else? What if the only way for your soul to get a message through to you on a particular day is by annoying you with seemingly inane lyrics and by banging your auditory door down with a song that has a deeper meaning for you? Listen in closely to hear what that repetitive chorus might be whispering to you.

When I need inspiration or insight, I trust that the lyrics from a song – popular or otherwise – will spring into my head. It’s a form of clairaudience, where intuition can guide me in a way that’s most meaningful for me that day. The message may not always be profound, but then symbols (visual or auditory) are often clever and subtle and need you to pay attention, interpret and trust them.

So, next time you can’t get words or music out of your head, remember to take note. It could be your inner voice trying to tell you something. Don’t drown it out.