You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I coach people to get it write. I also believe in the healing power of writing, and the therapeutic potential of creative writing.

I have an MA in Creative Writing and an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I bring therapy and writing together in my work, to heal and grow and discover parts of ourselves that need expression.

I have a near 20-year career as a journalist and copywriter. I help people to access creativity they never knew they had. I also bring alive the fundamentals of punctuating, proofreading and grammar.

I help you look and sound good in writing.

The Inktuition Blog is about discovering one’s authentic self through the written word. How better to discover what you think than to share it with the page (or screen)?

This blog is also about books I like, publishing tips I come across, and ways to access the creative imagination and become a better writer.

I also follow trends like National Poetry Writing Month, because I can never turn down a challenge.

Writing is my life and soul.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear 🙂

    Just to Say that you are not alone .. we are many in that same situation .. many whom have not been brave .. or haven’t had the chance or maybe didn’t seize the opportunities . and we thought we were someone whom we come to find we are not ..
    The great news is .. that this can happen or not many other times in the course of our lives .. and its fabulous ..
    We can be so many “(us) that its fascinating how our imperfections are so beautifully perfect !!

    Thank you for sharing .. You inspired my today ..
    Happy Holidays from the kingdom of the Desert !

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