I’ve started so I’ll finish…? Why ‘mastery’ is about ending, not just beginning

I attended a workshop on mastery recently, where the key topic was on not just having ideas (which, if my notebook is anything to go by, is full of beginnings but not very many endings) but on seeing them through to the end.

Endings mean the … erm… end of something, which can bring up feelings of being bereft. So why not cling on to your project so you don’t have to encounter the emptiness you’d feel if your project were finally over … as if you didn’t have anything to work for any more.

Another view is that, to achieve anything, you need cracking ideas, but you also need the wherewithall to complete them. Bring them through gestation to birth. To accomplish this, you need to develop ‘grounded’ qualities, such as persistence and compassion in order to complete the project you’re working on.

How many of us have a bunch of ideas we’d love to show to the world, but they remain hidden because you can’t decide which one to work on first. I’ve been stuck in that limbo of indecision, because deciding to work on one project means another one may not come to light. Restricting the number of projects we work on means we may feel less creative, with fewer options, but at least we’ll be letting one see the light of day rather than leaving all of your ideas to languish in the dark.

So, for today, which one will you commit to? I have about seven ebook ideas that I’m going to pursue. Much as I’d love to do all of them, I’m going to pick one, stick to it, and get it finished. And that’s not to say that I can’t add notes to other ideas while I go along – it’s just that I’m committing to get one done and out.

However, as Jim Rohn says – and as I know that ideas always crop up as I go along: “Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.”

Now, where did I put my list of top 10 novel topics…?

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