Spirit in the sky (silent retreat – day three)

Isn’t it the way?

When you look for answers within

the real world reflects

the truth that’s held therein.

Just tuning in to nature

hearing chirps of nearby birds,

admiring springtime blooms –

then clouds leave me lost for words.

inktuition angel wings

 As if to show some hidden depths –

something intoxicatingly amazing –

the clouds command the pre-dusk sky

and stretch their angel wings.

inktuition spirit in the sky Then strips of spirit send their light

to the curious land of open hearts.

The dignity of cloud and field and sky

make me in awe to be a part.

My bracing New Year’s Day in photos

What better way to celebrate the first day of 2013 than on a bracing visit to the Brighton seaside. With my only New Year’s Resolution being ‘gratitude’, I was blessed to tiptoe on the cobbled beach and take some stunning shots that capture the beauty of today’s extremely welcome (although unusual, given the recent torrential rain the UK has suffered) and benign sunshine.

The winter sunlight is putting the smile on our faces

The winter sunlight is putting a smile on our faces

The waves are frisky and a real treat to run in and out of (in spite of the cold!)

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a tulip’s shadow on a sunny day

Even perfectly open tulips have their shadow.

The sun was out in south London today. So were the tulip petals in my front garden. But such a thing of beauty has such a pronounced shadow, which is perhaps more bewitching than the flower itself.

I guess every person who looks at this photo will make his or her own interpretation of it. What perturbs me is that the raised arm on the right of the shadow could be cheering on the tulip for showing off her beauty. However, it could also be a persecutory gesture, an angry hand about to rain down blows to fracture the fragility of the tulip’s petals; to let rip because the tulip was audacious enough to turn its face to the sun and show its true, radiant beauty.

I wonder which one it is?

photos after the London spending cuts protest

The Ritz in London's Piccadilly a day after the spending-cuts protest.

It was strange facing the calm after the storm, walking down Piccadilly in London just hours after the riots. What was meant to be a peaceful protest against the UK Government’s spending cuts ended up in chaos, with buildings daubed with paint, windows smashed, and 200 people arrested. It’s not a sight I was used to seeing – and nor was the damage done to the iconic Ritz hotel.

It had been cordoned off and sections of the fascia were boarded up, so workers could clean up the mess and restore it to glory. I felt such a sadness at the meaningless devastation.

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