What’s wrong with Silver anyway?

inktuition silver medal

People who win silver medals are more unhappy than those who win bronze. (pic: istockphoto.com/JayKJay21(

Why does not winning a Gold medal suddenly make you a ‘ loser’? Like most people in London and around the world, I’ve been glued to the Olympics over the past week, mesmerised by the athletes’ physical prowess and inspired by their dedication, their spirit and their drive.

What I’m not getting is why it’s suddenly a huge disappointment to get Silver or Bronze in the medals. OK, so there’s a lot of pressure on Team GB because this is London 2012: an Olympics on their home turf. But from swimmers to cyclists and rowers, when they ‘fail’ to reach Gold, they apologise for letting everyone down. They’re in tears (in what is becoming an emotional Games) – even though they say  they’ve tried their very best – and some threaten to withdraw from sport entirely. It hasn’t helped that Continue reading