I wish dark chocolate could have saved my mother from dementia…

It was with a mixture of humour and sadness that I read in the news today that dark chocolate can help to keep dementia at bay

The humorous side of me was pleased to see that chocolate has a function beyond making us feel we’re not missing sex so much (or at least putting us in the mood for it).

Scientists at the Italian University of L’Aquila found that it’s the flavanols in dark chocolate (and in tea, grapes and red wine) that can improve the brain power of people over 70.

Scientists say dark chocolate can help keep Alzheimer’s at bay. (pic: istockphoto.com/unalozmen)

I love the fact that I have another excuse (as if I needed one) for another square of my favourite dark chocolate.The sadness comes from knowing that it’s too late for my mother, who’s been ‘owned’ by a swift and vicious form of dementia for about eight years. When she was way off approaching 70.

The irony – if you can call it that – is that she loved chocolate.  It’s just a shame she preferred the sweeter milk-chocolate varieties.

Now, where did I put my organic Green & Black’s…?