My 200th post

I’d love my 200th post

To be full of love and stuff

But it comes from a place of rage:

someone who’s had enough

of doing the thinking for others

and always bowing her head.

Well, take it back, you ****ers:

we’re not long til we’re dead.

A poem about giving back responsibility

When they choose me to take from,

there’s a part of me that’s diminished.

Like sucking from a mother’s breast,

they take and take ‘til I’m finished.

I feel pulled upon, resentful. Empty

of reserves.

They feast upon my desserts,

my mains and my hors-d-oeuvre.

Although their hunger’s not mine,

an essence from me they seek,

some form of mother nurture

that in denial they sleep.

But, just like Old Mother Hubbard,

my stocks are growing bare.

Time to close the cupboard and

say no, if I dare.