A poem for a darling deadline

Where would I be without you:

lost in the ticks of time?

Would I be frittering all my chances,

day-dreaming of stuff divine?

Where would I find my courage

without the pressure you pose?

Would I be delving deeper within

making my soul its wishes disclose?

How would I manifest my heart

or place my work in the sun?

Without you, darling deadline,

nothing would ever get done.

Is a deadline the answer to my unfinished novel?

There’s nothing like a deadline to focus one’s mind and get a job done. After 15 years as a journalist and editor, I know how motivating (and terrifying) a deadline can be. But without it, procrastination can take over – and all kinds of other jobs can fill that time between now and delivery day.

What I hadn’t considered was applying a deadline to the novel I’m writing. Robert McCrum’s blog in the Guardian on how deadlines can give life to creative writing highlights the difference between ‘naive’ and ‘sentimental’ poets, Continue reading