change to the power of three

Three days into my boat trip on the Broads, and I’m reflecting on how quickly I adapt to new surroundings. It takes me three days, in fact.

What began as resistance to relaxing, complaints about the crampedness on board, and a feverish need to stay connected to the outside world via mobile and dongle, has transformed into the extent of my new world. Home is forgotten – as is work and ‘normal’ life – and I’m enjoying just being in the moment, watching the world pass by.

On holiday it takes three days to adjust. In a new job it takes about three months to learn the ropes and feel less of a new girl. And it takes about three weeks to let a new (good) habit kick in. When I took up writing Morning Pages, it was about three weeks in that I started to appreciate the value of them.

So, instead of resisting in future, perhaps I’ll just trust in the power of three.

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