why trust and commitment are the keys to healing

It’s funny how, when you set your mind to something, all the right things appear, happen, fall into place, and show that really you’re on the right track.

They say there’s no such thing as coincidence, which is why – when I was thinking of the power of writing in its ability to heal, and how I can work with other people to tap into that power – I get included in an online group called Healing Arts Team.

I know how potent writing has been for me: when I engage with the page, I don’t feel alone, lost, silly or forlorn. The very act of pressing my finger on the keys and trusting what comes out – turning up and being here and committing – is the healing process in itself.

It’s a promise to myself that I value my time, my commitment and my output. And for the outside world to sense that and include me in a project bigger is evidence that the goosebumps down my arms, and the warm, purposeful feeling as I wake up in the morning, are plugging me into something much more meaningful and connected.

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