guilt about not writing

Not writing is like a shadow on my shoulder, always projecting itself in front of or behind me; always making me aware of its dark, pressured presence.

Not writing feels like I’m cheating myself of something.

Not writing and pretending that life is OK without writing is being in denial about my true life force, and what sustains me.

Not writing means missing out on the brilliance of a beautiful phrase that encapsulates perfectly a feeling; like a drop of dew on a morning leaf.

Not writing because of having no time makes me wonder how I’m spending the time I do have – meaningfully or wastefully?

Not writing means I’m not committing to myself.

Not writing means the option to beat myself up about not writing, or the opportunity to have taken a break and come back refreshed and invigorated and determined.

Not writing becomes too much of a burden to bear.

Not writing eventually turns into writing.

Writing is much preferable to not.

It’s about choosing to live, rather than merely exist.


4 thoughts on “guilt about not writing

  1. This post really inspired me to write. It’s almost like u knew me and somehow ate my thoughts and put them on paper. Beautiful post. U were talking about not writing but yet ur writing is beautiful and ur only talking about not- writing!!! lol absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. =)

    • Thank you for your heartfelt response. I’m returning to writing after several months’ absence, and I feel blessed that my words touched you in that way. Happy writing. x

      • Yes. I havent written in forever. I just talked about that in my blog today. I;m so happy to be writing again. =)

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