are all writers fussy about fonts?

When I’m doing creative writing, or even writing a news story or report, I can’t let anything get in the way: not a keyboard that sticks, not a noise in the room that’s annoying, and certainly not a font that’s distracting.

The only font I can use to create  is Times New Roman 12pt. Anything else takes up for too much attention and gets in the way of what I’m trying to say – like driving a car and consciously having to think about which gear I’m in.

However, for writers who can’t make up their minds which font to use – for fear it might convey the wrong message – there is a phenomenon called font paralysis‘. This is someone who becomes obsessive about which font to use, to the point that it affects their output.

I think font  paralysis could be another excuse for writer’s block – and it certainly sounds like another entry on the procrastinator’s list of alibis.

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