Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day.

I was woken far too early this morning by my bouncy seven-year old daughter, desperate for me to open my Mother’s Day cards and presents. While I wanted a lie-in, it felt exquisite to feel so loved and remembered. I felt special.

A couple of days before, I had debated whether to send my own mother a card; debated, because she has dementia and denies ever having had children, and wouldn’t know who the card was from anyway.

My daughter said to me: “Will she remember us?” I said: “No, but we remember her.” And that’s the important thing. I don’t know for how longer I’ll be able to buy a Mother’s Day card, so I’ll take advantage of it while I can.

So, for all of you who have mothers, or who are mothers – and for those of you whose mothers are absent, for whatever reason – I wish you all a warm and forgiving Mother’s Day.

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