a poem for joyless january

The sparkle bursts after you appear:

down comes the twinkle, replaced by dreary

nights of dark, of twisted hope, as

resolutions hit a slippery slope.


You’re endless, you’re mean, you bite

with cold, your grey obscures my light.

We have to endure you first, lest we forget,

the year looms ahead, as if a threat.


You bully the new year into winter submission

cowing my dreams and my fresh new ambition.

My door stays shut, the scratch of frost

makes my windows ache. My whole being feels lost.


My response to the Day Four prompt in NaPoWriMo: write a poem about the cruellest month

5 thoughts on “a poem for joyless january

  1. So great minds think alike. I’m always so grateful when January is over. I live in London, where the weather is freezing, so the month is particularly cruel.

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