Trust vs Fear: the creative writer’s dilemma


I creep around, spying other’s glory

through shrouds of envy and spite.

I stress, I spew belligerent bile,

I despoil what feels my birthright.



If you only knew what your heart could spill.

If you only could allow

those creative gales to transform your gall

into work that makes you feel proud.



That gale just feels like a deadly whip

that will beat my words to a pulp,

reducing me to a limping pace

while the rest of the world can gallop.



Gallop implies a race to somewhere

while your journey is yours alone.

Pick supreme, your heart’s main theme,

and you’ll romp to the place called home.


A poem for Day 14 of NaPoWriMo 2015: A dialogue

13 thoughts on “Trust vs Fear: the creative writer’s dilemma

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  2. We took a similar approach to the prompt yesterday. It truly is a struggle with which most writers or artists must deal. Well done and congratulations on being featured.

  3. Love these lines, “Gallop implies a race to somewhere/while your journey is yours alone.” I live by these words because everyone learns and succeeds in their writing at their own pace. Thank you for the write!

  4. Love this, the last stanza are the words I live by. Everyone succeeds and writes at their own pace!

  5. Great job! I know this is something I often struggle with so I love how hopeful and encouraging the ending is. You can definitely hear the different tones between the two, but can also tell they are coming from the same place. Congrats on being featured!

  6. Really enjoyed this.
    (As a compulsive editor, I find myself wondering if the meaning wouldn’t come across even better in that lovely last stanza with a comma between ‘pick’ and ‘supreme’. That would emphasize it as an adverb rather than a noun.)

  7. I really like the back and forth between trust and fear. Nice response to the prompt. Congratulations on being today’s featured artist!

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