a poem for adrenaline

You give me a tickly tummy

when I’m ready to race.

I try not to be scared of you,

knowing you’ll up my pace.

You make me feel sick sometimes.

You always bring along some dread

that I won’t be able to perform.

I fear coming last instead.

So, how can I use you to guide me,

to help me think positive things?

Cos surely the butterflies you send me

are there to give me wings…?

4 thoughts on “a poem for adrenaline

  1. Pingback: Happy birthday, Brian! (+NaPoWriMo) | A Life with Limits

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. I felt more than butterflies today when my daughter was racing. I’m curious about adrenaline by proxy… I was more exhausted than she was.

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