Cheers to the biggest full moon in 20 years


The 'Supermoon' (seen from my garden)

I discovered today that the time of a full moon is a great opportunity to release old behaviours, thought patterns, or clutter. You name it: anything that doesn’t serve you any more, you can release with a full moon.

Which is why it is hugely exciting to know that the round, proud Supermoon in the sky tonight (19 March 2011) is the biggest full moon in 20 years. What am I letting go in honour of this big full moon? Well, I’m not keen on staging a ritual or ceremony, but I’d like to let go of something meaningful and momentous.

So, I’ve decided to release the two things holding me back: my fear (of criticism, mainly) and my perfectionism. The latter stops me from attempting anything in the first place, and the former stops me sharing my efforts with the world, in case I get shot down in flames.

So, in honour of those two things, I am posting a photo from my garden taken with my BlackBerry that is a) not perfect, and b) not fearful of being criticised.

Happy Full Moon!

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