Happy St Patrick’s Day

Is it just me, or has the world suddenly gone crazy for St Paddy’s? It’s only in recent memory that 17 March becomes the cue for card shops to transform into a sea of emerald green, for shamrocks and cartoon leprechauns to be emblazoned in front windows, and for men in big, funny hats to enjoy daytime pints of Guinness outside pubs on the high street.

Happy St Patrick's Day.

Is it just me, or does St Patrick’s Day prompt more jollity and excitement and community partying than other Saint days in the UK?

Is it just me who was mesmerised by the dexterity of foot, the height of jump, and the dignity and poise of the young Irish dancers who put on a captivating show this morning?

And is it just me who feels a chill of remembrance, among all these colourful festivities, that my dad was buried on St Paddy’s Day 12 years ago?

Yes, I think it’s just me.

One thought on “Happy St Patrick’s Day

  1. Reblogged this on inktuition and commented:

    It’s now 13 years since my Dad died. And St Patricks Day is getting even more attention in the media and from partygoers, and the Irish dancers are even more skilled than a year ago. Cheers!

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