I’ve started, so I’ll finish

Sometimes, I have to admit that all this personal development stuff feels a bit full-on. Every week, I have yet another insight about my behaviour or my personality and I think: right, that’s it. I’ve got it. I can stop now. That’s enough insight for a lifetime, surely?

Except it isn’t. Once embarked upon – like a long-distance, leisurely cruise  – once you’ve lost sight of land and got pretty much half way, there’s little point in turning back. Because you’d need twice as much effort to turn the ship around and go back to where you started as you would just to continue cruising. OK, the grey horizon of never-ending sea may feel, well, endless. Except that I feel I’m travelling to more meaningful places – ones that are three-dimensional, nurturing, supportive, compassionate – and the place I’ve left behind is hard and unforgiving.

So, no matter how slow and difficult the journey, I’ve started it so I will finish it.

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